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Detecting And Exploiting Semantic Overlap

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Parallel graph corpora and graphbanks

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General questions

What is the status of Algraeph?

Algraeph is beta software and is likely to contain bugs. However, it has been succesfully used for aligning a large number of syntactic parse trees during the construction of the Daeso corpus, a monolingual (Dutch) parallel text corpus of over 1 million words. We think it is sufficiently stable to allow release to a wider audience. In the spirit of open source software, we hope feedback from other users will help us to improve Algraeph.

Parallel graph corpora and graphbanks

What kind of graphs can Algraeph render?

Algraeph is intended for alignment of connected rooted graphs. Support for other types of graphs should not be too hard as long as they can be rendered by Graphviz.

Can Algraeph read my graphbank/treebank in XXX format?

Algraeph supports the general GraphML format. Hence your first option is to convert your graphbank/treebank to the GraphML format. Notice that there are a few additional requirements, e.g. every node needs a "tokens" attribute, which are detailed in the Algraeph User Manual

Your second option is to contact me and request support for your format. I am definitely interested in supporting common formats.

Your third option is to take the sources and implement it yourself (requires knowledge of Python and wxPython). This also allows you to tweak graph rendering and add viewing options specifically for your particular format. I you do, please consider contributing your modifications so I can include them in future Algraeph distributions.

Trouble shooting

I get this error message saying "Graphviz program 'dot' is not in your path"

This means Algraeph cannot find or run the "dot" program. Make sure you have Graphviz installed. Open a terminal/shell/command window, and type "dot -V", which should display version information. If you get an error message saying something like "command not found", that means "dot" is not on your search path. Make sure the directory containing the "dot" program is added to your search path.