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Detecting And Exploiting Semantic Overlap

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EuroWordnet for Dutch

ewnpy a command line interface to Eurowordnet for Dutch written in Python

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IMPORTANT: Pycornetto has moved to its new home at Google code. This page is no longer maintained and will eventually disappear!



Pycornetto is a Python interface to the Cornetto database, a lexical-semantic database for Dutch. It allows you to ask questions about lexical-semantic relations between words, such as "Is word X a synonym of word Y?", "What are the hyponyms of the verb X?", etc.

There are basically four ways to use Pycornetto:

  1. you can use it interactively from the command line of the Python interpreter
  2. you can call it from your own Python code
  3. you can run the database server and connect to it with the supplied client
  4. you can run the database server and connect to it through XML-RPC

XML-RPC is a protocol for remote procedure calls, which means that you can call functions on the server from every programming language which supports XML-RPC (Python, Perl, Ruby, Javascript, PHP, C, C++, Objective C, Java, Lisp, Haskell, .NET, ...).

IMPORTANT: This interface is useless without the Cornetto database which is NOT included in this distribution. It is available from the TST Centrale (the Dutch HLT Agency).




Got to the Downloads section at the new Google code home of Pycornetto.

Word counts list

This is a list of lemma plus part-of-speech tag combinations and their counts over more than 500M words. It was produced by Antal van den Bosch and Walter Daelemans. You need this list if you want the use the extra functionality of word similarity measures in Pycornetto.

Version: 1.0
Formats: bzipped archive
Size: 25 M
Files: Mail me at E.C.Marsi@uvt.nl me, and I will give you the link.